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    Axel Catois

    Hi there, my name is Axel, and i’m a french guy who seek self-sufficiency thanks to permaculture.
    I have a lot of project and i believe in cryptocurrencies, also i’m a newbie in it and i don’t understand all about it.
    That’s why i’m here : firt time that i see a cryptocurrency care about environnement and food production (and weed, sad to be french here haha).
    Well i have a garden and the hope to create a small tree-shop at my village, so i would like to share my experiments with you.

    To finish i’m sorry if my english is bad, you really don’t want to ear my french accent. I hope to have good share with you all !
    Peace !

    Bow Thomson

    Welcome Axel, glad you found us. Please check out the EverGreenCoin Gardens Branch. We also have bounties on the Earn EverGreenCoin tab for gardeners. If you have FaceBook you can check out our EverGreenCoin Gardens page. We just picked the winner of our best garden photo competition. Please come and share some of your ideas with us on slack or telegram.


    Hi Axel! Pleased to meet you!

    Your tree-shop sounds like an amazing idea! Feel free to share that experience here. There is no need to join another service, if you don’t want to.

    EverGreenCoun would be happy to help bring your tree-shop to fruition. If we can help in anyway, please do not hesitate!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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