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H.R. 1313

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    Bow Thomson

    Been a little while since I’ve posted something here in Activism. I do apologize, I have been working closely with Mr. Saxton and on the new EverGreenCoin Gardens branch. I hope you enjoy the new website developments, as well as, v1.6 of the EverGreenCoin wallet.

    H.R. 1313- Preserving Employee Wellness Program Act. If passed this bill would allow employers to require employees to undergo genetic testing and share such information under a workplace wellness program. You can look at the National Law Review HERE or the official text page HERE

    I challenge you to look at the bill yourself, so you can see for yourself. This bill is being proposed to facilitate the Affordable Care Act (ACA)(unconstitutional) by a Republican. I have said before that bipartisanship works best when it is at the expense of constituents. Whether you support the ACA or not; do you really think your employer should have access to your genetics?

    This can be very dangerous, because what if Hitler were able to access to this information in the 1930’s? No matter what race or ethnicity you are this may be something you are hired or fired for in the future. Is it right for a company to be able to hire you based on your genetics? What if you don’t get hired because of your ancestry or because of an ailment that runs in your family? What if your current employer could fire you for not complying? What if you could get charged for not complying? What if you could never get a job because of your genetics?

    We cannot allow this to happen. We can not allow the government or employers to discriminate against genetics. We shouldn’t have to give our genetics up period. I hope that you are as troubled as I am and share what this bill is aiming at. Thank you for your time and stay frosty.


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