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    Bow Thomson

    If you are familiar with the book 1984, you will remember early in the book, talk of the Ministry of Truth. Here’s something from the book..”The Ministry of Truth is the propaganda arm for the State. On the outside wall of the Ministry’s building, you’ll find its slogan: “War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.”

    Obama killed over a half million people during his presidency in foreign lands for our ‘safety.’ That’s quite a few more than George W. killed and none of these ‘leftists'(which are outraged at the moment) even winced. They still justify invasion of countries to get rid of the ‘evil terrorists’ and spread democracy. Where was everyone when Gaddafi was killed for trying to create an African Gold Standard? Where was everyone when Obama droned American citizens (father and son)? Trump killed the teenage daughter in his first week as President. Sheep will justify anything when their team is winning.
    -War is Peace

    National sovereignty-is the idea that independent nations, which have declared their independence, have an organized government and are self-contained, have a right to exist without other nations interfering. It is essentially the unspoken rule of a nation’s right to exist.

    There has been a big push in the recent years for globalism. Lets name a few of the people for the big Globalism push. Mark Zuckerberg, Angela Merkel, Jeff Bezos, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Jack Ma, etc… Can you see a pattern? These oligarchs want YOU to believe that we need open borders to keep funding their agendas. Depending on where you live, you might be told that you are helping other people and/or other nations…In fact, it is selfish for you to have it better. I don’t see Hillary giving up the nearly $5Billion she stole from Haiti to help with any of this. These ‘elitists’ want you to give up YOUR sovereignty while they maintain their power. Globalism is the new Communism.
    -Freedom is Slavery

    12/23/16 President Obama signed into law ‘The Countering Foreign Disinformation and Propaganda Act.’ This was a bipartisan push from the team you either hate or love. When it comes to taking your liberties, politicians work together.

    12/23/16 as reported by Der Spiegel, the Federal Interior Ministry, intends to set up a “Defense Center against Disinformation (“Abwehrzentrum gegen Desinformation”). (Germany)

    The regulation of so called, “Fake News” allows governments to shut down news that does not agree with its current agenda. Why would governments want to control what’s in the news? In the United States of America, this is a violation of the 1st Amendment. Governments want to keep you dumbed down and ignorant. Why? Because we are much easier to control that way. They don’t want us asking questions, but instead to regurgitate what they tell us. In fact, they want people to attack people, who do not agree with their propaganda narrative.
    -Ignorance is strength.

    There are some expensive books that were put out by Rockefeller in the mid 1900’s. Tavistock is how you find them. Actually, I want you to go see how much Tavistock books cost on Amazon. Check out the titles of these books as well. Why are they so expensive? So you can’t buy them, but other elitists can.

    Some of the answers you will have to find yourself, some of them you already know. The elite are playing the game of divide and conquer right now and we’re the pawns or the livestock. We’re losing this fight. Before I go, allow me to quote Warren Buffet: “The war of this generation is between the rich and the poor, and the rich are winning.”

    Thanks and stay frosty.

    Bow Thomson

    I would like to add a few more things. Truth has been persecuted by the powers that be since time immemorial. You can see it today as conspiracy theorist, truthers, and constitutionalists are all viewed as crazy. Socrates, Martin Luther, Jesus?, all persecuted for the truth. When I joined the Army, I ‘HAD’ to take an oath to defend the constitution; an oath that is everlasting. A constitutionalist is considered a homegrown terrorist by most of the 3 letter agencies in America now. So did I become a terrorist for fighting for the oath I was made to take? If you are able to see the forest for the trees you have a gift. You can see what’s really happening in the greatest Psyop in human history.



    Stok- livestock or animals being controlled.

    Controlling the heart of an animal being controlled. What is the at the heart of the matter my friends of humanity? The human soul and how it is being manipulated, taxed for effect and therefore further controlled.

    Michael DeCarlo

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