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TPP moving forward as TiSA

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    Bow Thomson

    Some people may have thought we dodged a nuke, when President Trump shut down the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Well, now it looks like it’s reemerging as Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). I will leave a link to with the story. If you are unfamiliar with either trade deal, you must educate yourself. These agreements will surely bring in corporate slavery. Remember how President Nixon made corporations human? The life of a corporation is more valuable to governments and global oligarchies than yours, your children’s, and your grandchildren’s. Time to wake up and take an interest in your life and the lives of others. These Oligarchs and Corporations are counting on our failure. Lets prove them wrong. Thanks to everyone for reading and stay frosty.


    I hear TiSA has a provision that will destroy net neutrality. Also, to my understanding, governments will be able to be sued for not complying even if compliance breaks their own laws, environmental laws included.

    TiSA is not really a reincarnation of TPP. It is much worse and it isn’t even new. Drafts date back to at least early 2016, we are just learning of it. Maybe TPP was a sheepdog. Amazing how these “representatives” can be representing us on somethiing we don’t even know about. Clearly corporations are the ones they represent. Our only involvment as citizens is to pay for it all and play some silly “voting” game where all the options, of the whopping 2 options, are the same and against us.

    The truly sad part is the People’s willingness to just look the other way. For, as you stated Bow, the collusion with corporations and our government is nothing new. As long as people have processed food and a super bowl to watch, most are oblivious to it all. It does seem people are learning and willing to learn more. But maybe that’s just the people I surround myself with. I keep a sharp pitchfork handy, just in case we are ready to drive them into the sea.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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