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Microgrid Media article

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    Steven Saxton

    To my surprise, I found this article one morning while having a cup of coffee this past weekend!

    It is a very good article and I love how the EverGreenCoin branches distinction was made clearly. In regards to blockchain technology, the article was perfectly correct as it applies to EverGreenCoin also. Both these aspects are the source of confusion for new comers. So I was very pleased to find the article! It did mention some confusion from the website. I completely understand that sentiment, but bear in mind, the website is filling many roles. I do think one would have a hard time trying to find one website in the cryptocurrency space filling as many roles. It is very resource intensive. Streamlining it all has and con But yes, overwhelming, perhaps. But the author when on to close on a good note, adding ” example of cryptocurrency’s potential utility in environmental sustainability”, a very nice ending to a well-written read.

    I hope everyone finds it as pleasing as I did.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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