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EcoWealth Meditation

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    EverGreenCoin Wellness is a Focus on Health Directly with Yourself and Others.
    The Most Important Movement of Our Entire Lives is Breathing. It is the First Movement and it is the Last Movement We Will Ever Do. So this Meditation Puts You Directly In Touch With You, With Movement, With Life. If This is Your First Encounter With a Health Practice, Rejoice in the Fact that You are Focusing on Pure Being and Follow the Directions Until You are Moved Towards Greater Direction.


    Breathe In
    Breathe Out
    Focus On this Motion Sitting in a Cross Legged Position.
    Close Your Eyes and Begin to Breathe in and Breath Out.
    This is All You Will Be Doing in this Meditation.
    Breathe in and Breathe Out Until YOU are at Peace with YOU.

    Throughout Life, it Will Always Bring You Back to Breathing, the More this is Done Consciously the More Effective Life Experience Results.



    Mass Reiki Meditations Every Wednesday at 8pm PST.

    EcoWealth Reiki Master of Indigo Labs Yoga Selen Chandradev Will Be Wielding Specific Crystals for this Mass Distant Reiki Meditation with the World.

    Moldavite — Known Talisman That Brings Good Fortune and Protection, Not From this Planet Originally.
    Forth Coming Ecological Wealth

    Indigo GoldStone — Distance Reiki Booster, Increases the Universal Life Force Energy and Universal Wisdom that is REIKI.

    Have a Plant and Water Quantity Near You for this 30 Minute Mass Reiki Meditation.

    Thank You.


    Steven Saxton

    Thank you for extending this invention to the entire EverGreenCoin community. I hope many find it beneficial. I know I am planning on attending at 11 PM Eastern Standard Time. I look forward to it!

    Kind regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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