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Proof of Environment


April 2019 PoE submissions

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    Title: “Trash pickup”
    Location: THE Ohio State University
    Submitted by: Hootie. THE owl.


    Title: “Trash cleanup”
    Location: Marysville, Ohio
    Submitted by: Steven Saxton


    Title: “Planting Succulents”
    Location: Wattles Garden Ohm Spot
    Submitted by: EcoWealth


    Title: “Timmy in the Morning”
    Location: Meadville
    Other information: Timmy parker cleans up garbage in the morning and sends his PoE rewards to the Thankful Thursdays of Meadville team.


    Title: “Timmy in the Evening”
    Location: Meadville
    Submitted by: Timmy, Bill
    Other information: Timmy cleaned up more after lunch and ran into some locals that support the cause. PoE rewards will go to the TT team of Meadville Pa.


    Title: “The Garbage Menace”
    Location: Meadville 5th ward
    Submitted by: Timmy and friends
    Other information: Timmy is out there fighting the garbage menace in a not so long ago time or far away place! The Saga begins.


    Title: “1/2 mile strech”
    Location: Linesvlille PA
    Other information: Ashley cleaned about a 1/2 mile stretch of road, she is the leader of the Litter Critters Crew and is sending her rewards to the group. You can see what the group is up to on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/357858081378146/


    Title: “Cleaned the park”
    Location: Meadville 5th ward sports park.
    Other information: “We got out and enjoyed a day at the park then left it a little nicer than we found it by picking up four small bags of trash.”
    By: James, James Jr and Crissi


    Title: “Thankful Thursday 4/11”
    Location: Meadville 5th ward
    Other information: “Thankful Thursday of Meadville cleans up the town once again.”


    Title: “Planting”
    Location: Wattles Garden Ohm Spot, Los Angeles, CA
    By: EcoWealth


    Title: Trash in the grass
    Location: Newton Township, Ohio
    Other information: Notice the fine watch face! Hopefully, coming to a Samsung Galaxy Store near you soon! Pending acceptance.
    By: Steven Saxton


    Title: Orchard Upkeep
    Location: Meadville North Street Orchard.
    Onther Information: Local volunteers got out and trimmed trees and put down new mulch for the trees. They will be donating their PoE rewards to Thankful Thursdays of Meadville.
    By: Grow Meadville Group


    Title: Tree Planting
    Location: Nigeria
    Other Information: This is Youth Research and Development Forum – Nigeria in (Partnership with Twins Friends Club of Nigeria) We nurse and plant trees. We develop Youth and Protect environment. We are climate changers. We therefore, request for sponsorship and partnership to do more in protecting and manage the environment.We are climate changers
    By: Emmanuel Joe


    Title: Starting some seed trays for a friend.
    Location: Earth.
    By: Anon.


    Title: Nature Reiki
    Location: Antalya Turkey
    By: EcoWealth


    Title: Cleaning Up Crawford
    Location: Crawford County, 14895 Williams Rd Meadville PA
    By: Tyler Amos


    Title: Millions of (blossoming) peaches
    Location: Ohio
    Other Information: Well, perhaps not millions. 😉
    By: Steven


    Location: Marysville
    By: Melanie



    Title: Tree Planting
    Location: Nigeria
    Other Information: Tree planting exercise in Nigeria is to protect, beautify and help filter climate. We are the climate changers. Because we know a single tree produces about 17kg of oxygen a year. That means two mature trees can supply enough oxygen to support a family of four.
    By: Emmanuel Joe


    Title: Nature Reiki
    Location: Antalya Turkey
    By: EcoWealth


    Title: Magnolia tree at night.
    Location: Under it.


    Title: Built the first small digester

    Location: Meadville

    Other Information: This is part of our Creek Cleaning and Recycling Workshop effort that has been an authorized effort of EGC for some time now. We are happy to be able to share our progress with everyone and to be able to participate in PoE with EGC.

    By: James


    Title: Tyler and Bro clean up the streets

    Location: Meadville

    Other Information: The Amos brothers got out and cleaned up our community on 4/19.

    By: Tyler, Adrian


    Title: Clean up for Earth Day

    Location: South Main of Meadville

    Other Information: Charyn and Kurtis got out and cleaned up an area down town Meadville Pa for Earth Day and wants to submit their work to our local bounty boosters to help encourage others getting out there too.

    By: Charyn, Kurtis


    Title: Red tulips
    By: Steve


    Title: Litterpicking around a construction site

    Location: Bielefeld, Germany

    Other Information: Hi there EverGreen Community! My name is Jochen and I am from Germany. Call me Joe, since the soft „ch“ is hard to pronounce in english 😉 . I often walk to work and back home. And every day I saw the same litter laying on my way. Noone was picking it up. If I could just do that – but of course I don‘t want to touch waste with my bare hands and where should I put it? So I ordered a picker, that was the easy part. It still took about 9 month until I could get myself to really use it. That was about 2 years ago. Now it is a habit and I am doing it daily. End of last year I decided to share it with the internet by creating an instagram profile. You can find me at https://instagram.com/dailyplogger . Oh, and I am on TikTok as well 😉 . That shall be enough introduction for now, feel free to ask any question you may have! Well, let‘s get on to my Proof of Environment because I wanna try this out and not write the story of my life 🙂 . I picked up litter mostly from the border of a construction site and then filled up the bag on my way home. There is still room for improvement but this is my first try. Let me know what you think. Take care, Joe 

    By: DailyPlogger


    Title: Spring flowers

    Location: Crawford County

    Other Information: Growing flowers helps the bees and makes our world more beautiful. Tammy is part of the thankful Thursday of Meadville group and is contributing to their team effort to collect EGC.

    By: Tammy


    Title: Cleaning the camp ground

    Location: Pymatuning State Park – Tuttle Campground

    Other Information: Billie Joe is part of the Litter critter team and is sending rearwards to the team address.

    By: Billie Joe Wagner


    Title: Move to trash

    Location: Warren, Ohio


    Title: Planting and Watering

    Location: Los Angeles CA, Ohm Spot Wattles Park

    Other Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOFid9aAwyk&t=95s April 2019 Proof Of Environment Video Footage Compilation

    By: EcoWealth


    By: Steven


    Title: City Cleaning

    Location: Bielefeld, Germany

    Other Information: I went to the city and picked up litter along the way.

    By: DailyPlogger


    Title: One more bucket of garbage

    Location: Meadville

    Other Information: I clean the creeks in my area regularly and have collected a lot of stuff over the last year. I hope to make things from the materials i find, I am excited to see what i can make from this old gas can and the glow in the dark glass once the recycling effort is started.

    By: James


    Title: Allotment – Working the Ground

    Location: UK

    Other Information: Beginning the exhausting work of initially forking over and de-weeding the area we took on last season. Bindweed is a terrible, terrible thing. The soil is turned over to the full depth of the fork. It’s de-weeded including roots, left to break down a week or so, before re-forking, and final preparations to plant. Weeds are left to dry, for incineration at a later date. The war is on!

    By: arfonzo


    Title: Buying paint thinner

    By: Steven

Viewing 37 posts - 1 through 37 (of 37 total)
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