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December 2019 PoE accepted submissions

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    Title: Covered Bridge Cleanup

    Location: Newton Falls, OH

    Other Information: While Christmas and holiday decorations and ornaments are nice and very much part of the season, these decorations are often plastic. As are these I found littering the area of the lovely covered bridge. Don’t let your holiday decorations become tomorrow’s litter. Attach and secure them sufficiently for the harsh weather and conditions that undoubtedly will come.

    By: Steveo


    Location: Warren, Ohio


    Title: Waterfall Area Cleanup

    Location: Newton Falls, Ohio

    By: Steven Saxton


    Title: Caring for one house plant

    Location: PA

    Other Information: This fern needs some trimming but caring for plants in the house over the winter can be difficult and i am happy it is still alive.

    By: Andy


    Location: Austintown, Ohio


    Title: American Elm Tree Died

    Location: Newton Township, Ohio

    Other Information: This American Elm had been dieing for years, slowly less and less green. This year, no green at all and branches fell. 🙁 Might as well harvest some firewood and perhaps some lumber. 🙂

    By: Steven Saxton


    Title: Falls Area Cleanup

    Location: Newton Falls, Ohio

    Other Information: Not much trash to be found around the falls this time. 🙂

    By: Steven Saxton


    Title: Covered Bridge Cleanup

    Location: Newton Falls, Ohio

    By: Steven S.


    Title: Butt

    Location: Austintown, Ohio

    Other Information: Cigarette butts are litter.

    By: Steven


    Location: Warren, Ohio


    Title: Street Cleaning

    Location: Meadville

    Other Information: Cleaned up two bags of garbage on my morning walk.

    By: Charyn


    Title: Cleaning up the streets

    Location: City of Meadville

    Other Information: Had to walk to town for a few appointments so cleaned up a little while i was in town.

    By: Tyler & Adrian


    Title: Walk

    Location: Marysville, Ohio

    Other Information: I had to jump a fair bit to get all the plastic out of the tree. The flag being nearby seemed nice.

    By: Steven


    Title: Zebra Cakes Box

    Other Information: 🦓


    By: Steven


    Title: Do our (local) governments care even?


    Title: Recycling some cans for charity.

    Location: Meadville.

    Other Information: I have collected these cans and will take them in for recycling then donate the money to Not One More NWPA.

    By: Timmy


    Other Information: Picked up someone else’s trash that failed to make it into the nearby dumpster. 🙄

    Location: Columbus, Ohio


    Title: Amaryllis Potting

    Location: Snowy Ohio

    Other Information:

    By: Steve


    Other Information: brrr


    Title: Christmas cleanup

    Location: Meadville

    Other Information: What do you do on Christmas when it is 40 some degrees out? Why take the pup on a mile and a half litter walk of course. We collected 3 bags of trash, 1 bag of recyclables, and some bigger items.

    By: Charyn


    Title: Nice walk on a nice day

    Location: Newton Falls, Ohio

    By: Steven


    Title: pop

    Location: Warren, Ohio


    Title: Winter Garden 2019-2020

    Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

    Other Information: I’ve been spending a few months in Nebraska this winter so I wanted to do a side Garden and I will add all these extra plants into Wolfman Farms when I return home. I have 2 pineapple,4 Roma Tomato plants,1 Heirloom Lincoln Tomato, I new batch of Garlic chives, a garlic patch and 1 of each chocolate mint and peppermint.

    By: Joseph Harton


    Title: Bye straw (and some butts)

    Location: Youngstown, Ohio

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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