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Proof of Environment


November 2019 PoE accepted submissions

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    Title: Trees

    Location: Newton Township

    Other Information: Beautiful trees color changing, overlooking a freshly harvested soybean field. Sorry I could not take better pics. Due to a surgery on my hand, this is one-handed photography.

    By: Steven


    Title: Hot dog shop parking lot

    Location: Warren, Ohio

    By: Steven


    Title: Gas station

    Location: Leavittsburg Ohio

    By: Steven


    Title: Walk

    Location: Marysville, Ohio



    Title: House plant care

    Location: Fredericksburg

    Other Information: House plants need continual care.

    By: Jim


    Location: Warren, Ohio


    Location: Youngstown, Ohio


    Title: Short walk

    Location: Fredricksburgh

    Other Information: Went for a short walk and cleaned up a small bag of litter. 

    By: James


    Title: Pharmacy Parking Lot

    Location: Warren, Ohio

    By: Steven


    Title: Store parking lot

    Location: Newton Falls, Ohio

    Other Information: While on a quick trip to a grocery store for some last bits for Thanksgiving, I gathered some trash out of their parking lot. Happy Thanksgiving!

    By: Steven


    Title: Small Stretch by a Drainage Ditch

    Location: Cortland, Ohio

    Other Information: Before entering a restaurant for dinner, I stretched my legs from the drive while removing a bit of litter from our environment. This rubbish was surely bound for the water drainage ditch near by, and therefor our water. Every drop counts! p.s. I did trash all the cigarette butts, one of which is visible on the sidewalk (by my foot, in front of the trash container), on my way out. After the pictures were taken.

    By: Steven Saxton

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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