Monday, January 30th, 2023 03:43:15 AM EST



  • MC Cendana posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago

    I’ve decided to go up another level – to install a wallet on my laptop AND run a node. Not really to earn interest on the balance staked (which isn’t much right now) but because I want to be a part of EGC. Actually I was hesitant about running a node due to my very modest equipment – a Dell laptop from 2007 with just 3 GB of RAM. Then there was that matter of synching my laptop to the EGC blockchain.

    But I decided to go ahead. Watched the video on how to do it, plus to download the blockchain data and extract to a hidden folder in Windows. It resulted in me learning a few new things. The sync process still took several hours though. But finally I am up and running! I am pleasantly surprised to know that this supposedly `obsolete’ Core 2 Duo system is more than capable enough to handle a EGC node. Chrome with 7 tabs opened, Microsoft Word and a few other programs are also running normally.

    Since the price of EGC had come down from its highest, I decided to average my price by buying more. I had intentionally not spent all the capital allocated for EGC yesterday so the current lower price is welcomed. Then I transferred some of that from Bittrex to my wallet. This exchange charged 0.2 ECG. But it’s still WAY lower than Bitcoin fees.

    I feel good right now. For the first time ever, I’m running a node on my humble laptop.

    • *UPDATE: My heart sank just now when I couldn’t unlock my EGC wallet at the laptop. I have a certain scheme whereby passwords for everything is different but not difficult to figure out. Well, I must have diverged a bit on this scheme and couldn’t get it right. Tried a few different variations (20 attempts) before I finally found it. Phew!

      The lesson for me: Forget those tips about “Don’t write down passwords!”. For many, that’s actually a prudent thing to do. Just make sure you store it in a safe place. And that the specific accounts aren’t included side-by-side. Should someone stumble on these passwords, he wouldn’t know what they are used for.

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