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  • christophe posted an update in the group Group logo of EGC WaterEGC Water 3 years ago

    Hello EGC watter members ,

    I am chris from Cannes French Riviera.

    Happy to join This group , watter is life !

    I am involved on Great Green Wall in Africa. (…)

    I am at the disposal of EGC member as a bridge between our countries.

    Bests regards

    • How are you involved with the Great Green Wall in Africa? Thank you so much for the offer to bridge our countries. I look very much forward to doing so! 🙂

    • Hello Steven,
      please if you could get time to read Green Wall Project Petition,
      The rebuild forests collective is 7 ONG in Africa + 1 ONG en ecuador.

      If i could upload on this forum the last 2 years press realise we have done a huge call for general mobilisation to grenn desert, to rebuilds forets.

      • Thank you for bring this to mine and the rest of the EverGreenCoin communities attention! I have signed, tweeted, and FB shared. Hopefully many, many signatures will come of those efforts. I will post in the activism group also. Great cause to support. Again, many thanks for bringing it to attention!

    • After 69th Cannes Film Festival june2016 we do

      Pluie Solide mean Solide Rain irrigation technologie tests done by CNRS département – Center National Research Scientifique.
      if results are okay, an official publication will be done.
      Future Sahel is an official program.

    • ANET = Agriculture Nutrition Environment Trading.
      ANET International Group® positioned in the segment of green technologies in the fields of Agricultu
      re, Nutrition and Environment. SHOPPING & ECONOMY OF SOLIDARITY are the foundation of our Company. We convey the values of knowledge sharing and knowledge to impart adequate tools and technologies accessible to all. CONTRIBUTE TOGETHER AT A GREEN WORLD a new way to design and make the economy through participatory management of natural resources. By sharing technical and technological means we improve our environment. ANET International Group® defends optimism and the idea that we invent, innovate and wille find “together” ways to solve the challenges that afflict us.

    • This link a Green Technologie french article 3 pages regarding Great Grean Wall In Africa March 2016 – Future Sahel CNRS

    • For the bridge Steven you have yet build EGC – Ever Green Coin, and the values foundations are strong.
      Thank you for your time

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