Altfenix Relisting Fee Crowdfund

Altfenix Relisting Fee Crowdfund

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Altilly, the exchange that to had to shutdown late last year because of a systems compromise, internal or external, is planning to reopen this year as Altfenix. They will require a listing fee for projects, but have discounted that for projects that were previously listed to only 500 Euros, which is $587.41 at the time of this writing. This is why the goal is $600. Any overage, however small, will be used to assist with infrastructure costs.

As mentioned in the July Newsletter, this will be the most cost-effective way to obtain an exchange that reports data to Coin Market Cap, restoring that almost-vital component.

While listing applications are not yet open, applications do require KYC (Know Your Customer) of the applicant. Steven Saxton, EverGreenCoin Foundation, Inc. President, has started that KYC process. However; when applications do open up, the payment will be required at time of application. For disclosure, Steven has worked out a deal to get both EverGreenCoin and Sterlingcoin (another project he works on) relisted for the price of one. This is very generous of Altfenix staff, but we still do need assistance in obtaining the funds to do so. Donations are being asked from both communities to ensure we will meet the goal.

Thank you in advance for helping EverGreenCoin relist at Altfenix and regain an exchange that will report data to Coin Market Cap. If for any reason relisting is not applied for, donations will be 100% refunded.

Funded progress: Time remaining:

To donate to the Altfenix re-list crowdfund with cryptocurrency:

BTC 3JXt4E6V8Ki68GeMG77gbQGJ3jWZ6YgcUS

ETH 0xd429679ee6b9743bbbb21b580e84f3dd94385ae9 (UNI, LINK, BAT, DAI, USDC, BUSD and GUSD accepted at this address also)


So donations could be 100% refunded if we do not apply for any reason, please email steve(at) TX details if you donate with cryptocurrency to any of the above addresses. It is unlikely we will not apply, but if for any reason we do not, we want people to know their funds, however donated, will be returned.

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