Amazon Fire Relief

Amazon Fire Relief

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Amazon Wildfire Aid

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Wildfires are burning across the globe with one of the most terrifying being in the Amazon. By community demand, we are collecting funding in cryptocurrency and fiat donations in this crowdfund effort that will be donated directly to relief efforts related to the Amazon wildfires with no fees taken out by the EverGreenCoin Foundation nor staff. This effort is also open for staking for charity so just holding your EGC in a wallet provided by the foundation can provide ongoing support for this problem. We can accept a large number of currencies crypto and fiat, not just EGC in our fund raising efforts so remember to share this opportunity to help people and planet with everyone.

Direct EGC contributions and Staking for Charity can be sent to ESesMuTi3Hhd6YjjYwytfqxhC9Xe616Kh1


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Start DateAugust 22, 2019
End DateApril 30, 2020
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