Bee Hive Crowdfund

Bee Hive Crowdfund

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Save the bees

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One of our community members already keeps a single bee hive and would like to expand to a second hive. We Would like to utilize the natural life cycle of the bees to create a new queen in the spring to create a second hive. This will save time, money and reduce stress caused for the bees by our effort, if we can work with their natural life cycles. We hope to share photos and videos of the effort, there will be some cross over as a portion of the garden plants and fruit trees from the already started plant nursery effort will be planted in the area to help provide food for the bees and the bee keepers themselves. We will be buying one hive with all of the frames and other various pieces and equipment needed to provide a home for the bees and the ability to eventually collect honey. A man named Denis will be caring for the hive along with the other he already has. This project adds tangible value to the collective efforts of the EverGreenCoin foundation and its community by creating solutions to improve all of our lives. Over the course of this project we hope to create stronger bonds between the EGC community and our more localized IEO community in North Western Pennsylvania. This will be one of many projects to help prove the value of the environment and our community and communities working together for a greener world. Through the acts of creating a better world we hope to create a strong and dedicated community of EGC users both locally and abroad with the common belief that the economy should be tied to our environment and we are responsible to ensure that it happens.

In the future, the honey produced will be sold in exchange for EverGreenCoin here in our marketplace and in ‘real world’ commerce.

EverGreenCoin direct donations and Staking for Charity can be sent to EP1EiWwJYrdGCmdCovnLPWXz753WRptyZs and it is an option in your Staking for Charity drop down menu.

Bee Hive EGC QR code

Bee Hive EGC QR code

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EverGreenCoin Foundation, Inc.

February 26, 2018 at 3:28 pm

We all know how important our greatest pollinators are. EverGreenCoin wishes to support bees and bee keepers better. To jump-start these efforts, we are so very proud to support Denis and so very lucky to gain his knowledgeable expertise in this area. While this does remain under the scope of the gardens branch of EverGreenCoin, a bee branch very well could be emerging. Please consider supporting this effort. As with all out projects, every penny will be used as intended and you will always remain informed of the progress.

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