EverGreenCoin Android App Crowdfund

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EverGreenCoin Android App Crowdfund

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The EverGreenCoin Android App is due to launch this weekend (April 1st-2nd)!!!  MystPhysX who has designed apps for DubaiCoin, CoExistCoin, and IncaKoin (just to name a few); will be creating the EverGreenCoin app, effective immediately!!  Not only will this app be a wallet, but you can stake and ‘Stake for Charity’ directly from your Android.

The cost is 700USD worth of BTC where 50% is paid upon proof from MystPhysX that the wallet works and the other 50% upon publishing to the Playstore. 

The rate we need to raise as a community is 700USD, by or before Saturday, April 1st.  The app will be free to download and could be available as soon as this weekend!! You can donate with credit cards, Pay Pal, or hundreds of coins. You can send EGC directly to the EverGreenCoin Android App Crowdfund: EPCQfySJxtYM4Dm1ZLTGxoH5bWoKVFvDdT

Android App Crowdfund QR Code

Android App Crowdfund QR Code

Check out some of MystPhysX previous work on Playstore HERE.

BTC contributions can also be sent directly to 13Vut3c2XhPgptRoSJudaih24WCwp5TBxG

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