EverGreenCoin Build a 2nd well in Bangladesh Crowdfund

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EverGreenCoin Build a 2nd well in Bangladesh Crowdfund

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A big thanks to everyone in the EverGreenCoin community that helped us fund our first water well in Bangladesh.   This well will provide clean drinking water for an entire community in Dangipara, Bangladesh.  The EverGreenCoin community is excited to fund its first Bangladesh well and we know it is just the first of many.  Please continue to help the EverGreenCoin community help other communities around the world.

Help EverGreenCoin Water crowdfund a Thirst Relief Well in Bangledesh. The people of Dangipara in the Satkhira district of Bangladesh have been using water from the nearby pond and canal, which is seriously polluted. By building a deep tube well, brother Dhobir has given them reliable access to clean water for drinking, cooking, hygiene and more. Residents of the village said: “We were in a crisis. We are giving you thousands of salaams. We heartily thank you for your kindness to us.”

A child dies from drinking dirty water every 20 seconds. That’s 4,000 children every day whose deaths could have been prevented. You can help save lives by building a well. For millions of people in developing countries getting water is not as simple as turning on the tap. They have to walk for miles to reach the nearest water source. And when they get there the water is dirty and diseased. They drink it knowing it could kill them.

Build a Thirst Relief well and you can give families reliable access to safe, clean water. This allows them to drink, wash, make wudu, grow crops and water their animals safely. It will mean they don’t have to spend hours fetching water each day, freeing up time to go to school, work or look after their families. Clean water means healthier lives, improved livelihoods and, ultimately, a route out of poverty.

Donate to the EverGreenCoin Build a well in Bangladesh Crowdfund and help us get water to people in need. You can donate with credit cards, Pay Pal, or hundreds of coins. You can stake for charity or send EGC directly to the EverGreenCoin Water Well Fund: Ecrgmzx5BmeQAPYYJGW1iQoRpp7i2573yz

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2 reviews for EverGreenCoin Build a 2nd well in Bangladesh Crowdfund

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steven Saxton

    Water is life!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    James Magee

    I am so happy you guys are doing this kind of stuff.

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