French Creek Valley Conservancy

French Creek Valley Conservancy

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Double your donation to the French Creek Valley Conservancy!

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A generous anonymous donor has agreed to match all gifts made to French Creek Valley Conservancy made on August 14th 2018 between 8am-8pm dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000! So please, make a gift to FCVC that day, or donate here and now, make our matching-gift dreams come true! If you have a few dollars now, and are not sure you will have it when the time comes to get the donations doubled, have no fear this crowd fund is fee free and 100% will be donated on the day of the event to help reach that $50,000 to be matched.

You can learn more about the event at

Direct EGC contributions and Staking for Charity can be sent to EMG7adf2Ri22UXBCWMhSkMKo8MADTpzpeg

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