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Plant Nursery

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One of our community members will be utilizing a small room to start a number of vegetable plants for local community gardens and apple tree cuttings. We need energy efficient light bulbs. We have already gathered everything else. This small project may open the door to many gardens and orchards being created from this small seed planted by the EGC community. We will be making photo and video evidence of the effort from the set up of the room to the planting of the gardens and trees started here. We hope to be able to do this for many years to come and continue to share our story with you.

This is the room Aaron, Lororetta his mother and I will be transforming into a place for baby plants to get a healthy start. We will be installing energy efficient LED grow lights that will fit in your standard 4' T12 florescent sockets with little modification to the ballasts. We were able to find a number of ballast not being used and salvaged them for this project. A simple table will be placed under the light fixture and the plants will be started in reused plastic containers from seeds and cutting. They will be starting a number of garden plants to get a jump start on next years growing season followed by a number of fruit trees from local tree trimmings. To give back to EGC in what way we can we will be not only recording the progress and sharing it here this year but planting several fruit trees for the EGC community for several years to come.

Aaron is an amateur nature photographer and an active environmentalist. He has ambitions of preserving and recording nature and looks forward to this project to improve his life and the community around him. He will be providing the majority of the plants care with the help of a number of other volunteers.

Aarons mother Lororetta is providing the host location and is a proactive environmentalist

I (James Magee) am an avid environmentalist and will be using my years of experience in vivarium services to help with the construction of the room and, the planting of the gardens and trees. I will also be coordinating the reporting done to the EGC community.

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EverGreenCoin Foundation, Inc.

February 9, 2018 at 9:52 pm

James is very knowledgeable in this area. Once the nursery is operational, James will provide us with pictures and video updates. Of course, those will be shared widely. In the future, we will use this nursery to raise saplings for tree plant events.

This nursery will never be used to grow anything illegal.

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