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EverGreenCoin Manager App for Android EverGreenCoin-Qt App

EverGreenCoin Manager App for Android EverGreenCoin-Qt App

The EverGreenCoin Manager App for your Android EverGreenCoin-Qt software ('wallet') is an application designed to make managing your EverGreenCoin easier on non-rooted Android devices.

There are many EverGreenCoin apps for Android, fewer for iOS. These apps are helpful for watching markets. They themselves are not EverGreenCoin wallets and cannot hold EverGreenCoin. Currently we do have a wallet app for Android devices capable of all functions, including staking (collecting the 7% annual interest) and staking for charity (diverting some or all of your 7% annual interest to another EverGreenCoin address). An iPhone app will be made when community demand for one exists. If you are looking to actually store and hold EverGreenCoin, please see our available options for EverGreenCoin (aka 'wallets').

Below are some apps that users of mobile devices may find useful:

EverGreenCoin on Blockfolio

EverGreenCoin on Blockfolio

Blockfolio - Bitcoin and Altcoin Portfolio

Blockfolio offers complete cryptocurrency management, with easy to use tools to keep track of all your cryptocurrency investments. Get detailed price and market information for individual currencies and your entire portfolio all in one place.

EverGreenCoin on CoinFolio

EverGreenCoin on CoinFolio


CoinFolio is an easy to use cryptocurrency portfolio app, that lets you monitor your favorite altcoins.
You can add the amount and cost of several coins to your portfolio to see the actual increase or decrease of your portfolios value.


Another portfolio manager app for both Android and iOS.

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Putting economics to work for the ecosystem

An investment in EverGreenCoin not only rewards you generously with 7% annual interest on your EverGreenCoin holdings, but also rewards you by supporting all the green merchants, consumers, activists, and thinkers in the green movement. Currency has never been so powerful.