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EverGreenCoin uses bounties to promote participation and get help from community members for certain tasks. Here are a list of outstanding bounties that need to be filled. Submission become the property of The EverGreenCoin Foundation upon payment.


Earth Day Everyday Bounties

Picture or Video with EGC sign (100EGC)

Picture with EGC Shirt (200EGC)

Best EverGreenCoin sign (400EGC)

Video or Livestream with EGC shirt (400EGC)

Tree Planting Crowdfund contribution of $50 (Free EGCC Shirt)

Picture/Livestream with EGC shirt & $100 Tree Planting Crowdfund contribution (Special Edition EGC Earth Day shirt/Only 10 available)

Submit your entries to bounty@EverGreenCoin.org


EverGreenCoin T-shirt Bounty

EverGreenCoin is making a new T-Shirt design.  Community members are encouraged to make designs and submit their best design.  The final design will be picked at one of the EverGreenCoin community meetings by the members who attend.  The winning design will be put into production and will be available for purchase.  The winner of the design competition will receive a free T-Shirt of the design and 1000 EGC to thank them for their efforts.

(If you have a t-shirt design to enter, please submit your design to bounty@EverGreenCoin.org. The winning design will be selected August 12th)

Support the EverGreenCoin T-Shirt Design Competition Crowdfund

EverGreenCoin EarthDay

EverGreenCoin Earth Day Everyday

*Limits may be restricted to 1 bounty per household.  Members that submit media, give EverGreenCoin complete rights to use that media.

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Green News

Brexit: May seeks transition period that would keep EU green rules unchanged

james.s.murray@incisivemedia.com(James Murray)
Brexit: May seeks transition period that would keep EU green rules unchanged

Theresa May calls on EU to agree to transition period under 'existing structure of EU rules and regulations'

Earthquake strikes off west coast of Mexico at magnitude 5.9

The epicenter of the quake was 99 km south-southwest of Tonala, in Chiapas state.

More Green News

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Putting economics to work for the ecosystem

An investment in EverGreenCoin not only rewards you generously with 7% annual interest on your EverGreenCoin holdings, but also rewards you by supporting all the green merchants, consumers, activists, and thinkers in the green movement. Currency has never been so powerful.