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    MC Cendana

    This “MC Cendana” is a handle I’ve been using since just a few weeks ago. Usually it’s “Ahmad Cendana”, “Mat Cendana” or “cendana287” since 2008. The Ahmad is indeed part of my name. Cendana (pronounced as “churn-dar-nar”) is a Malay word for Sandalwood. It’s the name of a hostel I had stayed in in 2006 of which I have very fond memories. But that’s another story.

    I’m 57 and had previously been a teacher, journalist and then a short spell with a software development company that was developing an ERP. Not as a software engineer or programmer but in dealing with the documentation. Since several years ago, I’m working with an engineering consultancy company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in matters relating to the writing of reports. This is a full-works engineering company but a lot of our work had been related to the environment. Like in preparing an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for projects that require this. Which is one of the reasons I was intrigued by EGC last week, and decided to have a closer look.

    I’m VERY new to blockchain and cryptos. Had only gotten serious from just two months ago. It began when my wife’s nephew had asked me to write posts at his blog/website at “But I don’t know much about Bitcoin and such beyond the fact that it had gone up in price!” Well, I decided to do some research… and now I can’t stop.


    Hi MC Cendana!

    It sounds like you have had an awesome career thus far! I would absolutely love to teach. In fact I use to volunteer to teach computer classes at my local library. I am a very shy person so, I had a small public speaking hurdle to deal with. But other than that, it was awesome. I am very proud to have helped elderly, school children, and even handicapped people with various computer skills such as MS Office, general Internet, and other classes.

    I too like technical writing. I am a bit fascinated with language and communication. As a child I would sit and read the dictionary, in hopes of being able to express myself and being understood completely. As I mentioned I am shy, so speaking is something I value only having to do one time! haha! Conveying sophisticated software in easy to understand and concise words is a challenge. Thank God for diagrams! Of course, having a lengthy career myself in the IT industry, I can really appreciate some well-written documentation. The demise social media has been to communication skills for some has made this skill, I would argue an art, more valuable. I regret the fact I only speak English and absolutely memorized by hearing different languages. I did pickup a bit of Spanish while on a contract in the south-west United States for a few years. But I am far from fluent. I have learned, and in supporting EverGreenCoin also, people can easily overcome large language barriers. Especially in a communication rich physical platform such as video conferencing. With just a little body language at use, much can be expressed universally. I am happy to have witnessed those communications take place, as if there was ‘no language’ per se. Even more memorizing and intriguing.

    That is awesome your work in Malaysia is relevant to our environment. I think a lot of people take for granted how big of an impact it has on our lives. Air quality, clean water, wise use of resources, and many others are things we need to focus on. Our futures depend on it!

    I did look at your nephews blog. Awesome stuff. You must be very proud of your nephew and it seems like he may be teaching you a lot about crypto. Cryptocurrency is an amazing technology in regards to store of value and transferring that value, no one can disagree. But what fascinates myself even more that that is the social impact it can have and how we will leverage this amazing technology. I think in time the test of any cryptocurrency will be the bond that unites the community. I think EverGreenCoin has the strongest ‘glue’, if you will, of any because that glue is life itself.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to introduce yourself! I am very honored to meet you and look forward very much to working with you and the rest of the EverGreenCoin community to cultivate and nurture both our economics and our ecosystem!


    MC Cendana

    It’s not exactly an awesome career previously, Steven, although I’m quite pleased with my present job at the engineering consultancy company right now. 🙂 My life had previously crashed and burned due to some horrible decisions I had made. This Cendana hostel – it’s actually at a rehab centre “Court-ordered”, but it turned out to be a critical period in my life. Everything good that I have now – including the ability to be involved, albeit in a small way, in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies – had started from there.

    By the way, EGC may be small as compared to those big names. But I’m attracted to the fact that it actually has genuine plans. Not something fancy like claiming to turn the world on its head like the hype of some projects, but honest-to-goodness. No one knows how things will turn out, of course. But I’m buying a ticket for the ride, to wherever this project might travel to.

    Good luck to you and the core proponents.


    Oh, bad decisions are prerequisite to good ones, sometimes. No worries! It’s not where you’re at, it’s where you’re going. 🙂

    Thanks for the wish of luck and the support of EverGreenCoin!

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