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    If at anytime you need help with your EverGreenCoin software or, please first read the EverFreenCoin FAQ here:

    If your issue is not covered in the EverGreenCoin FAQ, please open a support ticket at:

    This will allow EverGreenCoin staff to be alerted to your ticket and will be answered as soon as possible. Please be sure to include all relative information. For example, providing the operating system and EverGreenCoin version might speed the resolution of your ticket and the issue. So please be sure to be concise and EverGreenCoin staff will have your issue resolved as fast as possible.

    EverGreenCoin staff is always happy to help at, but be sure your issue is not covered in the EverGreenCoin FAQ: before creating a support ticket, please.


    MC Cendana

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to import a EGC address to my desktop QT wallet/node. I can’t find the answer so I’ll have to ask here.

    Some weeks ago, I had created a paper wallet (with the private key, of course) using a program from GitHub that runs off an offline browser. Had transferred a small amount of EGC to this address just to play around with things. Then I realised I don’t know how to import this address to my desktop wallet.

    I’m fairly familiar with importing and sweeping. Had done this with a few Bitcoin wallets and also managed to sweep Bitcoin Cash. And also with Navcoin. However I can’t figure out how this is done with the EGC v1.6.0.1: EVER (beta) I have.


    From the debug console (Help >> Debug Console) enter “importprivkey nnnnn” (replace nnnnn with the private key of the paper wallet) and press enter.

    After that, you might need to issue a “repairwallet” in the debug console also.

    I hope this information is helpful!

    MC Cendana

    Okay. Thanks very much, Steven.

    EDITED to add: The importprivkey command seem to work. But I also encountered this message in red:
    Wallet is unlocked for staking only. (code -13)

    I then changed the Staking and tried again. Same results.

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    Glad you got the import sorted!

    For future reference, submitting a support ticket is the fastest way to gain support.




    The fastest way to get support now is the Drift messaging dialog that opens to the right on desktop or bottom on mobile.

    The ticket system is decommissioned for this better support delivery system.

    EverGreenCoin Support



    I placeed an order to buy 100 coins but I forgot to add the address in the order notes, is there anything that I can do?


    Yes, just provide us with the EverGreenCoin address you would like them delivered to. You can post here. They will promptly be delivered.

    Thank you for your order and interest in EverGreenCoin!


    Francesco was contacted via email and his coins were delivered.

    Welcome to EverGreenCoin!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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