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Monday, January 22, 2018 at 9:14:23 EST

Kakuma Refugee Camp Relief

Helping the People of the Kakuma Refugee Camp


Kakuma Refugee Camp

Kakuma Refugee Camp Relief

In partnership with Faulu Production

Faulu Production is a community based organization based out of Kakuma, Kenya.  Faulu Productions works directly with the people that live in the Kakuma refugee camp.  They specialize in teaching the community sexual and reproductive health, agriculture, and film productions.  They also have academic and youth development programs.  You can visit Faulu Production on Facebook here.

The EverGreenCoin Foundation has recently started working with Faulu Productions to help with building their education center. The first step is building the central office. Updates to that progress and our efforts to help are detailed below:

UPDATE (December 20th, 2017): We are attempting to coordinate with furniture and hardware stores in Kenya. We are exploring if buying resources locally will be the most cost effective way. We suspect it will be.

UPDATE (December 26th, 2017): Added the video of the bricks residents made. Still slow communication with merchants in Kenya but we are persisting until they return from holiday.

UPDATE (December 27th, 2017): We are expecting a quote for school desks today. The desks will be used in the learning center after it is built. They will immediately be able to be used so people can eat more comfortably and any other use the camp's residents will find. Of course, writing and such.

UPDATE (December 28th, 2017): A source for desks was found. We feel it may be promising and will employ others within the very same camp. Please understand coordinating this does have many obstacles. Details developing.

UPDATE (December 29th, 2017): EGC and IEO tshirts were mailed. Issues at the post office with international shipping prevented them from being shipped yesterday.

UPDATE (January 3rd, 2018): The validity of Faulu Productions and the construction of the learning center have been verified. We can now proceed as hoped. The EGC address that will be used for fund raising of the desks is: EYmFGctK2vR5vLhXZtSezR6mP13QGKdSkN and has been added to your drop-down as an option for staking for charity and a crowdfund has been launched for contributions via credit cards, paypal, or other cryptocurrencies.

UPDATE (January 4th, 2018): https://www.savicafrica.org/ has been made aware of EverGreenCoin and this effort. I was asked to relay thanks. The tshirts are still en route. They should be delivered next week. The first started contributions have started to come in for the crowdfund. Many thanks. I am sure once we have pictures with EGC tshirts, the goal will easily be met.

UPDATE (January 10th, 2018):The building of the office building for the learning center is progressing quick. The shirts however, are taking their good old time. Videos have been shared on YouTube.

UPDATE (January 16th, 2018): We are exploring options to provide Kakuma with a solar powered water pump to help them draw water. We need your help to do this. Please consider contributing.

UPDATE (January 20th, 2018): Because the need for resources is far greater for the solar pump, we have elected to push that into another phase of aid. We will first fund the 40 seats (10 desks sitting 4 each) as originally planned. That target is almost achieved. Please consider helping us to finish strong. The shirts have arrived in Kenya. Lyama has been advised to expect the package soon.

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