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    The Android EverGreenCoin wallet is nearing completion. For those that are not aware, the first Android EverGreenCoin wallet will not be capable of staking EverGreenCoin. The battery drain of staking would not be acceptable by most users of Android phones. However, we will have an Android EverGreenCoin wallet capable of staking in the future so Android users will have the option.


    This Android wallet pictured here is a non-staking version that is being worked on.

    The Android wallet that is presently released is a staking wallet and has all other functions, including staking for charity.

    EDIT: The above Android EverGreenCoin wallet was never completed because of budget constraints and the need for an additional VPS in the budget. It may proceed in the future but the staking Android became a more desirable and affordable option at that time.


    Both VERSION 2 of the staking android wallet and the VERSION 1 NON-staking wallet are in active development. Android users, I apologize for the slow-ish delivery of these two. Because both involve people in different parts of the world and different legalities, there have been very slight speed-bumps. But no worries! I am very persistent and aim to launch both this month. 🙂



    I am pleased to announce, thanks to the generosity of the EverGreenCoin community, we have reached our funding goal ($300) for the companion app to the EverGreenCoin-Qt app for Android devices. This companion app will make things easier for Android users to backup and restore their EverGreenCoin wallet.dat file, use a bootstrap, editing the .conf file, and more if they so choose to. The companion app is designed to get around certain Qt for Android limitations.

    On that note, I am also pleased to announce, the EverGreenCoin-Qt wallet for Android will be added to the Playstore in the near future. Because of legal considerations involving the registered trademark of EverGreenCoin, this did take longer than originally expected. I do apologize for that but, Google did require sufficient legal documents from me proving the of ownership of the EverGreenCoin trademark before allowing entry to the Playstore.

    More details will be made available as soon as possible. Thanks so much for the continued support!


    Still finalizing and doing final tests before releasing publicly. These tests, while there is no reason they should fail, are important to complete before releasing the APK for the companion app publicly.

    Android EGC Manager 1.0 testing

    Please allow 24 – 48 hours, as testing is time consuming because of multiple network synchronizations.

    It won’t be long!


    This companion app is now available for download on the EverGreenCoin support apps page!

    Enjoy the absence of the need to root your Android device to do more advance operations within the confines of the Android file-system!


    In the Google Playstore finally! 🙂

    EGC in the playstore!


    The EverGreenCoin Manager app has now been added to The Google Play Store, as well!


    The manager app has been updated. It will now prompt users to let them know they must run their EverGreenCoin-Qt app at least once before trying to manage it. This is so the EverGreenCoin-Qt will build the needed files and file structure it builds on initial load. This is to provide a solution to problems that may unknowingly arise if the user tries to manage before they are created. Basically, it can not manage what has yet to be created.

    Manager app updated in the Play Store

    Manager app prompting user that has yet to start the wallet

    In the future I would like to have the manager app create the file structure itself. But that will take much more work and resources. It will have to wait until a future release.

    Please know we are continually progressing all our software to work better for you the user.

    MC Cendana

    A QT for Android…? Does that mean it will need to download the whole EGC blockchain first?

    Another question: I presume the user will need to install the QT app first before he gets the EGS Manager?


    The EverGreenCoin Qt wallet for Android does stake. To stake, it does need a full copy of the blockchain, yes.

    It matters not in what order you install them. However; before attempting to manager with the Manager App, the wallet does need to start at least one time.

    I hope this information is helpful.

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