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    Hey Greenies,
    I already said that I will open a topic. The Website was made from Steven and some Community Members. It is not completely finished but usable. Please report bugs suggestions and Feedback here. I will edit it in the first post to have a better overview.

    – See the last posts if you are replying to a post (Fixed)
    – A EGC logo on the top left to press on to come to the Home site
    – Add some better plugin for editing your posts for Newbies ( Like underline , text size, Text Colour )
    – The top bar still looks not that nice on mobile view
    – Change the white background and create a good design
    – Forum looks not that nice and at the moment not a place to stay longer
    – Text sizes from the Forum look a bit strange


    – Very good work in that short time !
    – Featured Directory Listings good idea
    – Marketplace looks good and is filling up slowly
    – Loading times a bit too long

    Bow Thomson

    I only see problems listed in this forum. If there are problems, we must also identify solutions. Listing problems doesn’t fix them, only action does. Not to mention, most of these issues are only cosmetic. We should be working on bigger issues, like getting more vendors, getting charities to adopt, getting the solar staker up and running, to name a few. We need a reason for people to come to the site in the first place. We’ve had over 10000 visits to the site since December. Not much has been added by the community members since then, other than what is wrong with it. I don’t see very many community members promoting the coin on SM either.

    Seeds don’t grow if you just put them in the ground and wait, you have to be proactive. You reap what you sow. There is no such thing as something for nothing. If you are a true EverGreenCoin community member; Ask not what EverGreenCoin can do for you, but what you can do for EverGreenCoin and the community. I get that people are here to make money, but the environment is the main focus of this project. If we are true, the money will come later and act as the catalyst for the main goal…preservation of the environment.

    Problem: Not enough vendors.
    Solution: Attract more vendors by being proactive. Send emails to vendors in the crypto world, show them the benefits of using EGC, help them setup wallets and accounts. Put some of your own stuff to sell on the site.

    Problem: Not enough charities.
    Solution: Attract more charities by being proactive. Send emails to charities, show them the benefits of using EGC, help them setup wallets and accounts.

    Problem: Solar staker is not finished.
    Solution: Help get it finished. If you can help, ask what you can help with. If you know someone with the knowledge to help, get them to help. Start emailing people that can help, to help.

    Problem: Steve cannot, run the website, run the code, run social media, act as tech support, reply to everyone, wipe runny noses. We will burn him out if we keep expecting this from him everyday.
    Solution: Find help or help yourself. Offer your personal time, personal knowledge, invite friends/family/acquaintances that are capable.

    We have to come up with breakthrough ideas and implement them if we want people on the site. We are the environmentally friendly cryptocurrency, the environment should be the websites focus. Here’s and Idea…how about people come to the website to share or work on green/free energy projects. A free energy science fair, with challenges and awards. We have DIY projects in the branch forums already. For example…The EverGreenCoin challenge for March…Create an operational Tesla Wall…Winner receives 10k EGC. They can then sell that project on the site.

    We are giving them incentive to come and use their own brain power to make the coin, community, and environment better. If they find a project they worked on suits them, perhaps they go into production and sell their own energy project on the site. We want to attract the free thinkers, that care about and want to help the environment. We want the idea that has the ability to progress humanity and the earths ecology.

    More gold has been mined from the brains of men, than has ever been taken from the earth…or an antminer in this case.


    Hey Bowman I like your thinking but this is a topic to get suggestions and feeback for the Website and has nothing to do with the solutions. Solutions have to get disccused from community member that have skills to change it. I don’t have that skills and I can only do work that I can do. I started the German facebook page and I am writing green buisnesses about EGC.I try to bring my non technical friends to EGC and do that all in my free time. We can’t change the fact that we are at the moment not a very big community to take the work away from steven. And listing problems is not changing the priority order for EGC to work on but things should not get forgotten. An issue that you find now and don’t write down you could forget later. I always try to answer questions about EGC how much I can but for our small Community we are building up very much compared to other Coins with the same size of Comunnity members but yeah something unique for the envoirement aspect is missing for the website. Still please let the talk here be about the website only.

    Bow Thomson

    It seems you fail to understand the decision making process. Why would you identify problems without providing solutions? You are not providing a process, but only gathering information. Information is not intelligence and you can only solve problems with intelligence. The technique you are using is called spit-balling. This technique has proven time and time again to not solve problems, but only to create more. Allow me to show you that ‘the way I think’ is the correct way to fix a problem.

    FM 5-0, Chapter 3, MDMP.
    -Identify the problem
    -Structure the problem
    -Identify possible solutions
    -Make a decision

    If you are not providing a process to possible issue, you are only throwing things around to see what sticks…Spit-balling. A lot of excuses are also mentioned. If you think you can’t you won’t and if you wont, you don’t.


    Hi abyaby123,

    Let me respond to your suggestions in the order you listed them:

    – See the last posts if you are replying to a post

    When replying to a post, as I am doing now, one sees the post and the other comments to that post. This makes perfect sense.

    – A EGC logo on the top left to press on to come to the Home site

    Yes, I agree and had started work on this previously and yes, that is why the space is ‘reserved’ for. This has to be done in a way that works for both desktop and mobile browsers. Home is an option in the menu when you are not at the home currently. I personally hope I can devote more time to this very soon.

    – Add some better plugin for editing your posts for Newbies ( Like underline , text size )

    Presently you can bold, italicize, link,


    , strikeout, embed images, unsorted lists, ordered lists, and code markup in posts by clicking a button. It would seem newbies are finding these buttons.

    – The top bar still looks not that nice on mobile view

    Looks perfect on all the devices I have to test with. I can emulate some other devices and the menu looks the same.

    – Change the white background and create a good design

    I experimented with backgrounds of different color and design. Because some of the images used did not have a transparent background, this did not look good at all. I have started to re-do the images already for this reason.

    – Forum looks not that nice and at the moment not a place to stay longer

    I cannot find the suggestion hidden in this. Content is what will make people stay and return.

    – Text sizes from the Forum look a bit strange

    I have made the fonts larger in the past, as requested. I find them very readable. How would you suggest changing them?

    In closing, EverGreenCoin has many tasks that need attention. Many of which are not obvious, but are a higher priority. Polishing the website is rarely the highest priority, I wish it was. That said, I do have a professional career, a personal life, and many other projects. All of which have taken a backseat to EverGreenCoin the past almost 16 months. I do hope I can allocate more of my time to my other aspirations in the near future, but do know that your concerns are being addressed when time permits and they are not being ignored.

    Thanks for your input!


    site needs google authenticator 🙂 for the security 🙂


    This 2FA discussion has been moved to

    MC Cendana

    I hope I’m writing this in the correct thread(?). It’s on my experience regarding installing a desktop wallet and sync, and a few suggestions on how to help improve the process for newbies.

    I believe there are many others who might want to install a desktop wallet AND run a node. The help videos at the FAQ are definitely helpful. I’m rather new to blockchain and cryptos and this is the first time I’ve installed a node. These videos had helped to guide me in the process.

    There are a few improvements that could be made:

    (1)In the one on Install + Fast Sync, I was initially stumped on how to get to the AppData folder where EverGreenCoin data is located. At 2:40, the things to type in Run aren’t visible. Users who aren’t too familiar with the Windows folders might meet a dead end here and give up. Which would be a shame. I feel this video should be edited a bit to also include some text on what to type in the Run box.

    In my case, I used Windows Explorer to navigate through the User folder. Couldn’t find the AppData! Then I remember: by default, some folders are Hidden. After changing the setting under “View”, I found it and also the EGC folder as mentioned in the video. Problem solved.

    (2) Sync: I went to and downloaded the snapshot. However, it still took several hours for my laptop to finally sync! That’s because the snapshot is from December 2016. A LOT of blocks had been added since then. Hopefully there will be a much more recent snapshot of this file. Maybe once every two weeks this file should be updated. That will help newcomers to get their node up and running.

    By the way, to new users: I’ve installed the EGC wallet and running a node on very modest equipment – a 10-year-old Dell Core Two Duo laptop with 3 GB RAM. No problems. I often have a browser with at least 6 tabs open, Microsoft Word, a VPN client and a few other programs. All run smoothly enough.

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 3 months ago by MC Cendana.

    Hi MC Cendana!

    Thanks for the valuable feedback! The video was made by a community member for a small bounty. They did an awesome job, but you are correct that some assumptions are made. While great strides are made to make the EverGreenCoin software, community, and atmosphere as friendly and easy as possible, still a general computer literacy sometimes gets unknowingly implied. Of course, “general computer literacy” is very relative. Maybe you, I, or someone should elaborate on that detail in a comment to the YouTube video. I think that would be very helpful to newcomers! Thanks so much for bringing this to attention!

    In regards to the snapshot, you’re right again. I thank you for the reminder! I did move a more recent snapshot a week or so ago to the web server and forgot to update the link here. As one might imagine, I juggle many tasks for EverGreenCoin. Sometime lower priority tasks easily ‘fall off my plate’. I apologize for that and I have now completed that task. The snapshot is now updated. Thank you for the reminder!

    I am very glad to learn these are your only two critiques and very glad your EverGreenCoin experience went well. Again, great strides have always been taken to make EverGreenCoin an easy and friendly experience. I sincerely thank you for your critiques, which are viewed as a contribution to continue those strides and are being acted upon.

    Many thanks! Cheers,


    MC Cendana

    You’re welcome, Steven. I’m very much aware of the constraints faced by the developers of (now) smaller projects like EGC. And that you are doing most of the heavy lifting. Unlike some projects that have hundreds – or at least dozens – of members taking on some of the weight.

    I’d say you and the core team have done a good job with getting this off the ground. Including the node and QT which is informative. I’m running a node on my laptop (most of the time) because I’m also trying to learn more about blockchain.

    By the way, don’t get too concerned about EGC’s price movements. Much better to spend your time and energy on the most important things. Especially on the various projects.

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